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Hydropower, Wind Power, Biofuel/Biomass, Solar Power and more.

B.C.S. Energy is an energy company devoted to the global development of tomorrow's energy needs and requirements though efficient harvesting of today's natural resources in a cost effective and environmentally responsible manner.





About BCS Energy


BCS Energy Inc. was formed to concentrate the energy specific needs of large population bases where a known need or requirement has been established for the development of clean, renewable energy, and the preservation of the environment. BCS Energy Inc. focuses on fundamental energy sources and technologies to produce clean and reliable energy such as (but not limited to): river tides, ocean currents, waste-to energy, solar energy and wind. Our corporate goal is to produce inexpensive, reliable green energy at a low cost to the end consumer. We are an international company with offices throughout the U.S. and the world, headquartered in Chicago.



BCS Energy Inc. is committed to tackling the complex issues regarding the evaluation, promotion and implementation of large scale renewable energy solutions in the complex political and environmental landscape of today. BCS Energy Inc. evaluates current fiscal and energy requirements through known industry experts and promotes solution sets for different energy technologies that are cost effective with a positive contribution for each technology type promoted either in energy contribution and or, energy and margin contribution.


BCS Energy is an energy company devoted to the global development of tomorrow's energies needs and requirements through efficient harvesting of today's natural resources in a cost effective and environmentally responsible manner.


BCS Energy Inc. leadership is comprised of talented individuals from the energy field, bank and finance institutions, industry and manufacturing experts, technology developmental partners, as well as Latin American business consultants, energy consultants, and bank, finance consultants which position our group at the front of the developing renewable resources energy field.

Mr. Louis Sastre

Louis Sastre is the Chief Operations Officer – 20 years' experience in organizing and managing Operational Teams for the Governmental Sector. Mr. Sastre has extensive experience in recruiting, developing and directing Operational resources. Mr. Sastre served as a federal, state and local Operations Instructor. Additionally, Mr. Sastre served as an executive level manager for a global investment bank.

Mr. Sastre is currently a project leader within a funded research team of International Operational professionals, whose focus is the fusion of various areas of financial intelligence: Foreign and Domestic Financial Intelligence Operations, Analysis, WiFi Communications, 3G/4G Communications and Renewable Energy Sources.

Mr. Sastre is bilingual, fluent in English and Spanish.

Mr. Barry Pitts

Barry Pitts has been a mechanical engineer in the energy-related industry for more than 31 years including work at a large cogeneration plant in a pulp and paper factory providing engineering services for upgrades, turbine power electrical generation, low pressure process steam usage and upgrades, boiler and process control and instrumentation upgrades, modifications and expansions to the cogeneration plants included work with bark/wood burning, coal and a process chemical recovery boilers. He has also worked in the utility industry specializing in power demand side management projects and programs designed to help the utility power plants to optimize their off peak power usage. He later specialized in energy-related projects including conceptual, feasibility studies, design, startup and commissioning as well has having his own consulting engineering company for over 15 years. Mr. Pitts has accredited degrees as a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and has been a Registered Professional Engineer in Florida since 1984. Mr. Pitts has also served as an instructor and consultant on energy-related topics to many groups including NASA, University of Florida and ASHRAE, and has presented numerous technical presentations and energy position white papers to various groups and clients. Mr. Pitts currently serves as the Director of Technology for BCS Energy, Inc. and brings a formidable amount of energy related experience to our investment group and customer base. Mr. Pitts currently resides in Florida.

Robert J. Burgess, P.E.

Mr. Burgess has more than 33 years experience as a lead mechanical engineer specializing in large power plants for a major utility. His work included engineering, construction, and operation of power projects. He has had an extensive background in project development, particularly conceptual design, coupled with performance engineering while emphasizing optimization, and preliminary engineering necessary to progress to project execution stage. Mr. Burgess has been involved in numerous large power plant projects including combustion turbine (CT) (simple and combined cycle including large repowering plant projects) and conventional steam turbine power plants, with broad project fuel experience including natural gas (and LNG), coal, heavy oil, distillate, and renewable (geothermal). Mr. Burgess has accredited engineering degrees including a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering as well as a Master's Degree in Environmental Engineering and is registered as a Professional Engineer in Florida. Mr. Burgess brings a substantial amount of experience in large power plant generation and is BCS Energy's Advisor for large utility-grade power plants. He currently resides in Florida.

Mr. Adrian Martinez

Mr. Martinez has been working in the field of energy and mechanical engineering for more than 23 years including work at a cogeneration plant in a large sugar cane processing factory in Cuba providing engineering services for the operation and optimization of the cogeneration plant including steam production and electrical generation. He also provided engineering services for the sugar mill processes as well as for other industries in Cuba. He later specialized in mechanical engineering projects in the fields of direct digital control systems and commercial HVAC systems. Mr. Martinez graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Cuba in 1987. Mr. Martinez currently serves as a Technical Advisor for BCS Energy, Inc. for industrial cogeneration projects. He currently resides in Florida.

Mr. Gustavo Frances

Gustavo Frances has been an electrical engineer in the utility, power generation industries and commercial field for more than 33 years including engineering work at an electrical utility in El Salvador including experience in power generation from hydroelectric plants, traditional power boilers and from geothermal sources. He also was involved in power distribution and transmission at the utility. Later he became an electrical engineer in the design and installation of large nuclear plants in the US and in Korea, up to 7000 MW in size. Later he specialized as an electrical engineer in the industrial and commercial fields and has owned a consulting engineering firm for over 10 years. Mr. Frances has a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering and has been a Registered Professional Engineer in Florida for more than 10 years. Mr. Frances currently serves as a Technical Advisor for BCS Energy, Inc. specializing in the electrical side of power plants. He currently resides in Florida.

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