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Welcome To BCS Energy

BCS Energy Inc. (BCS) is a renewable energy company dedicated to the global development of future energy needs. Clean Energy Projects are created from raw material sources through renewable energies and efficient harvesting of our world's natural resources with low environmental impact. We continue to strive for the most cost effective and environmentally responsible ways to ensure a better environment for tomorrow.

BCS Energy is developing Energy Projects around the globe. We are focusing on Latin America, the Caribbean, Central America and the United States. These countries share the same deep commitment and understanding of the need for economical and environmental solutions in today's ever changing energy landscape.

BCS Energy maintains ongoing professional relationships within the educational, financial and developmental fields of renewable energy and cost reduction alternatives. Our Advisory Board spans University Scholars, Energy Pioneers and Executives with a combined hundreds of years of experience.


BCS is determined to offset the current trend of environmentally challenging conditions set by industry where pollution, deterioration of the natural resources, the environment, and generation of greenhouse gasses are on the increase, by implementing solution sets for each available technology in wind power, solar power, and waste-to-energy, river and marine tides, Biomass and ancillary building and maintenance products. Our technologies are well proven and increasingly used in various locations throughout the world to manufacture energy. BCS is a company determined to conduct energy audits and promote clean energy solutions for business, residential, institutional, and governmental institutions where a known need for clean, dependable, cost effective green energy solutions are required to minimize the continuing environmental impact of our social and industry service and growth requirements.


Traditional production of electricity from fossil fuel sources is the leading cause of industrial air pollution and negative environmental impact on the surrounding populations. Purchasing cleaner energy made from our renewable technologies will insure a better environment. The energy technologies that BCS is offering are as follows:

  1. Flash Carbonization – thru pyrolytic gasification the destruction of organic materials by heat and the absence of oxygen which creates a syngas or (synthetic) gas for one the production of electricity.
  2. Plasma gasification – the combination of electrical energy and high temperature vessels utilized to breakdown waste to a liquid form or useable solid waste for electrical production without incineration.
  3. Anaerobic digestion – is a series of processes in which microorganism's breakdown biodegradable waste in the absence of oxygen. Thus creating rich biogas suitable for the production of electricity.
  4. Syngas or (synthetic) gas is a mixture that contains various amounts of carbon monoxide and hydrogen, which thru steam reforming produces many forms of biofuels or conversions to other usable fuels.
  5. Wind power- Wind turbines convert connect energy of wind into mechanical energy to generate electricity.
  6. Solar power- Solar cells made from silicon absorb the suns radiation (photovoltaic cells) to create electricity.
  7. Biomass- Landfill trash converts methane for the production of Synthetic gas.
  8. Hydropower- Dams and wave and tidal energy.
  9. Natural gas Turbines for clean energy
  10. Zero Impact building products and retro-fit devices


The benefits of generating electricity using clean renewable resources are enormous ranging from environmental to economic. By choosing clean and renewable electricity, we can do something positive today that we can benefit from tomorrow. Some environmental benefits are:

  1. No fossil fuel extraction that seriously damages the land.
  2. No emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), mercury, nitrogen oxide (NOx) sulfur dioxide (SO2) or particulate matter into the air, water or soil.
  3. It's made from unlimited renewable resources that will never run out, unlike limited and polluting fossil fuel sources.
  4. Elimination of contaminants that pollute the air, soil and groundwater.

BCS helps preserve and protect the environment for future generations!

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